ENFP 350 - Professional Development Seminar

(1 credit)

Fire test with a MLRS pod

Fire test with a MLRS pod
Photo courtesy of
Andrew Neviackas ('06)
& Danielle Leikach ('06)


  • Must be at the junior level or above
  • Have permission of the department


  • None.

Course Description

  • This course is an integrative upper level professional development seminar covering topics such as engineering ethics, professional licensing, codes and standards, intellectual property, career selection and various contemporary issues in fire protection engineering.

Learning Outcomes

This course will:

  • Inform the student about the profession of fire safety
  • Allow the student to participate in a dialogue with professionals in the field

Topics Covered

Personal and career experiences of individuals in:

  • Academia
  • FPE consulting companies
  • State and Federal government agencies
  • Professional organizations
  • Insurance companies