ENFP 101: Hot Topics in Fire Protection Engineering

(1 credit)

Fire test with a MLRS pod

Fire test with a MLRS pod
Photo courtesy of
Andrew Neviackas ('06)
& Danielle Leikach ('06)


  • None; This class is not required


  • There is no textbook required for the course

Course Description

  • This course will introduce students to state-of-the-art instruction, research, and practice in fire protection engineering. Seminars will be given by faculty members in the FPE department and by fire protection professionals and scientists.
  • ENFP101 is open to all engineering students at the University, particularly students outside the fire protection engineering major.

Learning Outcomes

  • ENFP101 seeks to foster a demonstrated knowledge of contemporary issues relevant to the fire engineering profession and a broad understanding of the relevant societal issues impacted by the engineering solutions (ABET Student Outcome 8).

Topics Covered

  • Research in Firefighting
  • Studies in Fire Investigation
  • Spacecraft Fire Safety
  • Advances in Fire Detection
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Advanced Measurements in Fire
  • Computer Modeling of Compartment Fires
  • Nuclear Power Plant Fire Safety
  • Fire Fighting Clothing Research