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The Eastern States Section of the Combustion Institute Presents the

Technical Program

Click here for the detailed program schedule . [pdf]

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Program at a Glance





Sunday (06/19)


Student Event

Welcome Reception

Monday (06/20)

Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions

Dinner in Annapolis

Tuesday (06/21)

Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions
Poster Session

Clarice Smith Reception

Wednesday (06/22)

Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions

Baseball Game (Washington Nationals)

Thursday (06/23)

Technical Sessions

IAFSS General Meeting
Poster Session


Friday (06/24)

Technical Sessions



The technical program will include 7 workshops during Sunday afternoon and Friday morning sessions, 6 invited plenary lectures (including the Emmons Lecture and 5 Keynote Lectures), presentations of more than 110 papers during 3 parallel sessions, and presentations of more than 100 posters during 2 special sessions.

Student Networking Session

Sunday June 19, 2011; 13:00 - 14:30; Prince George's Room.

Students -- and post-docs within three years of Ph.D. completion -- are  invited to the Student Networking Session. This will be a good chance to meet other early-career fire researchers in an informal setting. Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact Peter Sunderland at pbs@umd.edu.


The Symposium will offer the following workshops:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

  • Suppression:
    “Rethinking Water Based Fire Suppression: Discovering Opportunities for Innovation”
    Co-Chairs: Andre Marshall (University of Maryland, USA) and Guangxuan Liao (State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, PR China)
More Information on Suppression Workshop
  • Human Response:
    “How will People Use Elevators for Evacuation during a Building Fire”
    Co-Chairs: Erica Kuligowski (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) and
    Ai Sekizawa (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
More Information on Human Response Workshop
  • Fire:
    “Approaches for and Challenges in Parameter Estimation for Pyrolysis Models”
    Co-Chairs: Marc Janssens (Southwest Research Institute, USA) and Patrick van Hees (Lund University, Sweden)
More Information on Fire Workshop

Friday, June 24, 2011

  • Models:
    “Fire & Escape Modeling – from bits and bytes to safe buildings”
    Co-Chairs: Peter Thompson (Integrated Environmental Solutions, UK) and Jason Floyd (Hughes Associates, USA)
More Information on Models Workshop
  • Education:
    “The Challenges of Fire Safety Education to Train Highly Qualified Fire Protection Engineers and Scientists”
    Co-Chairs: with George Hadjisophocleous (Carleton University, Canada), Kazunori Harada (Kyoto University, Japan) and Bjorn Karlsson (Iceland Fire Authority, Iceland)
More Information on Education Workshop
  • Structures:
    “How Can Sustainability be Achieved through Fire Safe Structural Design”
    Co-Chairs: David Barber (Arup, Australia) and Luke Bisby (University of Edinburgh, UK)
More Information on Structures Workshop
  • Information:
    “Federated Search and IAFSS Community Features - Initial Interaction and Feedback Session”
    Co-Chairs: Amanda Robbins (Branz, New Zealand) and Terry Fay (Hughes Associates, USA)
More about the Information Workshop

For more information regarding the workshops, please contact:

Steve Gwynne
Workshop Chair
Hughes Associates

Emmons Lecture

The 2011 Emmons Lecture will be presented by Professor Takeyoshi Tanaka, Kyoto University, Japan

Professor Tanaka is recognized for his pioneering contributions to fire science including his work on the development of zone fire models and performance based design methods. Professor Tanaka has made numerous contributions to Fire Safety Engineering during his nearly 40 year tenure at Japan’s Building Research Institute and Kyoto University.

He is best known for the development of a multi-room two-zone model of fire and smoke movement in the late 1970s. He was a driving force in the development of comprehensive fire safety performance based design methods. More recently, he has modeled fire spread in urban areas. Professor Tanaka has received several important awards including the Annual Award of the Japanese Association of Fire Science and Technology (1987), the Architectural Institute of Japan (1999), Honors from the Japanese Ministry for Science and Technology (1998), and SFPE Fellow (2009).

Keynote Lectures

The Symposium will highlight keynote lectures from the following distinguished fire scientists:

  • Professor Carlos Fernandez-Pello (University of California, Berkeley, USA):
    “Fire Ignition”
  • Professor Charles M. Fleischmann (University of Canterbury, New Zealand):
    “Is Prescription the Future of Performance Based Design?”
  • Professor Andre W. Marshall (University of Maryland, USA):
    “Unraveling Fire Suppression Sprays”
  • Doctor Margaret Simonson McNamee (SP Technical Research Institute, Sweden):
    “Evaluating the Impact of Fires on the Environment”
  • Professor Domingos X. Viegas (University of Coimbra, Portugal):
    “Overview of Forest Fire Propagation Research”

For more information regarding the program, please contact:

Nick Dembsey
Program Committee Chair
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
iafss10@wpi.edu or ndembsey@wpi.edu 
OR Bert Yu
Program Committee Co-Chair
FM Global